Unprecedented opportunities for industries and businesses
Over 4,000 hectares of serviced industrial land with high quality
infrastructure to take your business to the next level

As a greenfield project, AURIC will tap into the huge potential for industrial advancement in Aurangabad. Being developed over an area of 10,000 acres the Greenfield City is located at Shendra and Bidkin near Aurangabad. Aurangabad Industrial Township Ltd (AITL) will allot land to partners from industry, commercial, business, and residential sectors.


AURIC will be serviced with a reliable infrastructure making it the most preferred destination for a range of industries. In order to ensure reliability of utility networks the City is developing the first underground cabling system in industrial use in India.


The City will ensure high grade, cost-efficient and stable power supply ensuring that every business and home has reliable energy supply.

AURIC will provide power at competitive rates. This benefit will enable industries to substantially reduce operational costs. Valuable funds can thus be diverted to other areas such as R&D, innovation, upgrading capacities and skill development of workers paving the way towards long term profitability.

Water and Waste Water

Ensuring sufficient supply of water for industries and supporting mixed use residential areas has been a priority in all MIDC industrial estates across the State. In its planning of infrastructure AURIC not only maintains this legacy but takes it a level higher through adopting sustainable water-management practices. The City focuses on water conservation and recycling water for industrial use through state-of-the-art Central Effluent Treatment Plants and Sewage Treatment Facilities.

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Deployment of Information and Communication Technologies will promote effective urban management thus streamlining the city functions. A centralized command and control facility will maintain and monitor citywide utilities to help achieve operational efficiencies across resource use and workforce. Businesses, residents and visitors alike will benefit from an integrated ICT platform that will connect them to the rest of the world through high speed communications, transmission, and digital information systems.

DC Rules
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