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Celebrating a city's historical glory

Celebrating a city's historical glory

Project: Auric Hall, District Administration Building, Aurangabad

Architects: IM Kadri Architects, Mumbai


The Auric Hall is designed as a landmark for the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Development Co-district administration building is planned as the face of the upcoming development in the area. Though advanced in construction technology and function, it was important that the building be planned with a character sensitive to Aurangabad’s context and history.

The administration building celebrates the historical glory of old Aurangabad by drawing inspiration from traditional features found in the city’s heritage architecture. A series of ceremonious arches mark the entrance to the building, reminiscent of the tomb complexes of the old city.

The building is wrapped with an intricate modular jaali screen controls the airflow and lowers the temperature of internal spaces, while also providing natural diffused sunlight. A network of three screen modules of the same motif but varying scales from the screen, break the monotony of the jaali façade, and help control the light and shadow for open terraces and office spaces accordingly.

To brighten up the building and bring in north light, which is ideal for workspaces, it is enclosed with a light glass façade at the entrance face. Glazed with frittered glass, the screen motif is embossed on the glass panels as well, echoing the theme of the building.

The building is oriented to allow maximum glare-free light into the office spaces while simultaneously minimizing heat gain. The central atrium forms the main interaction zone of the building. The enclosed office spaces open out over informal terraces that further overlook the atrium These terraces serve as social spaces for the employees and offer a break out zone from the indoors. With terraces punctuating the atrium volume and north light filtering through the glazed façade, the atrium forms a vibrant center of activity. It further looks on to a scenic lake on site. The building is designed for an LEED platinum rating.

Client: MIDC,Aurangabad
Built-up area: 2.5 Lac sq ft
Year of completion: ongoing- completion 2017

Published On : 7th Jun 2018

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